Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 21, 2015: No Email

We didn’t receive an email from Parker on his preparation day (p-day), so I posted a request for information on the mission Facebook page. A member in the Shawnee area said they went to Stillwater after breakfast for a zone group p-day, so he might not have had the chance to email. She mentioned that breakfast was at her house—“chocolate gravy and biscuits.” Sounds like a recipe I need to get! She later messaged me to add:

“Just to put your mind at ease, all is well. Elder Rice just didn’t bring his written-down [email] password and he didn’t have it memorized yet. He seems to be doing great. He is so polite and smiles a lot.”

A mom of another missionary in the same area, messaged me later. She is English and her husband and children are Australian, but they live in Centerville now. Here’s what she had to share:

“This is Elder K.’s mum! I heard from Elder K. today! He said he is sharing an apartment with Elder Rice and Elder Smith. They get to share a car with them. One day they have the car then the next day, they bike it!

“Sorry just reread the email—they are in the apartment next door! Also your son has the north side of Shawnee and Elder K. has the south side. When J. sent his email he said he could not be long. I’m sorry you didn’t get to hear from [Parker]. But I hope the little bit of info helps.

“I forgot to add that transfers are every six weeks. The ward is very small, but the missionaries are a big part of the members’ lives. It’s a very humble area. J. said they have been eating at members’ homes, so I assume your boy has too!”

Sister K. also called the next morning to talk with me about the area, which her son said was very poor but filled with generous people. Church members spend a lot of time helping the missionaries; it’s just part of life for them. That made me happy to hear, but didn’t surprise me much based on the wonderful responses I’ve gotten online from members living in his current area. They have been very generous in contacting me and sending pictures to keep me updated on how Parker is doing.

Sister K. also gave me the address to the elders who live next door to Parker. They asked for no packages to be sent since they can’t guarantee they won’ be stolen if left on the doorstep. But if you’d like to mail a letter, send it here: Elder Parker Rice, 1810 N. Harrison, Apt. G-132, Shawnee, OK 74804. You can be sure I’ll be sending one!