Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015: Leaving Tomorrow

All right, last email (probably) before I’m in Oklahoma. Elder H. and I committed an investigator to baptism, though it’s unfortunate that we won’t be there for it. We’re all getting pretty good at discerning the spirit, now we just need to have it guide us better.

I finally got to go inside the Provo Temple today and we did initiatories. I met a bishop there while we were waiting. Bishop T. C. B. (I think that’s how it’s spelled) moved here from Italy. He told me about how he thought the missions in the states were “beautiful” and that he would prefer one like that. He talked a little about his family and about his son on a mission in Italy. Talking to him definitely helped me and I shared a little of what he said to our branch. With how much it helped us, I think that he was meant to be there to help all of us.

A bunch of elders did a “Last Supper” for outgoing missionaries last night. They all used bed sheets as togas, dragged a table into their residence, and piled the table up with all the food they had received in the mail. It was more of a feast really. We also got locked out of our bedroom without a key, nametag, or key card for the buildings. We had to find some side entrance to get to the office to get a key.

Thanks for the watch, though I’m wondering why you bought a new one instead of sending me that really nice one in the 9¢ container that you got me. Also, who sent the donuts? The other elders and I really appreciated that. Thanks for the chips and salsa too.

I had a pretty similar experience to yours [Dad] when we came back from class and heard the [BYU vs. Boise State football] game going and a bunch of cheering. I figured you guys would be there. We stopped by the fence to catch the score, but that was about all we allowed ourselves. Some other elder stayed out until lights out though.

And thanks for all the help Mom.

I'll send some pictures later today.

Elder Rice

P.S. This is an email to everyone. Nathan said Mom got irritable last time.