Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 12, 2015: News via the mission Facebook page

The following is part of a post to the mission moms’ Facebook page made by a woman who shared her experience about volunteering as an “investigator” with the MTC’s Teaching Resource Center:

“Earlier today, my husband and I Skyped with missionaries in the MTC that will be arriving in the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission. The one elder told me that his mother was a part of this group. I would have sent a message to her personally, but it would have gone into her ‘Other’ box as I am not her friend on Facebook. As I didn’t know how often she or the other mothers check their ‘Other’ box, I felt that I should post the photos I have here!

“Elder H. (on the left with a yellow tie) from ... and Elder Rice (on right with darker tie) from Kaysville, Utah. Elder H. and Elder Rice spoke to my husband about every member being a missionary and that the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ. ...”