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FHE Lesson 2: Plural Marriage

Primary source material for this lesson:
Plural Marriage,” The Encyclopedia of Mormonism“Mormonism and polygamy,” The FairMormon Wiki“Joseph Smith and polygamy,” The FairMormon Wiki
1. What is plural marriage as defined by the Church?
Plural marriage was the nineteenth-century LDS practice of one man having more than one living wife at a time. Popularly known as polygamy, it was actually polygyny.Note the differences between marriage for time and sealing for eternity. Technically, it’s possible to be legally married to one person for this life, but sealed to another for eternity (e.g., a woman remarries after her first husband to whom she is sealed dies, or a woman divorces her first husband to whom she is sealed and then remarries outside of the temple). These are not examples of plural marriage.Also note, Joseph Smith is reported to have engaged in a form polyandry: “At the time that celestial marriage was introduced, it was possible to be married for time to one person and sealed fo…