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Bits & Pieces

I've been trying to collect enough random stuff for some sort of blog post. Summer has been very slow for writing. Below are a few things I've been thinking about, plus some pictures.


For most shortcomings, failure is too strong a word. If you're learning to play the piano but you can't play a piece correctly right away, you haven't failed. You're still learning it. Similarly, if you aren't a perfect parent, child, sibling, spouse, friend, etc., you aren't a failure—you're still learning.

Unless you quit. Then you fail. Until you start trying again.

Pet Peeves

Don't let minor irritations solidify into things you love to hate. And definitely don't compile a list and share it online. Nobody cares about your particular set of peeves but you.

Remember this story? Pockets Full of Rocks. It's more about collecting grudges than collecting pet peeves, but there are similarities. Hoarding either one only serves to cause you unnecessary pain…